EG Behavioral is a boutique therapy practice dedicated to the preparation of reliable and accurate documentation for Florida attorneys and their clients. Unlike other behavioral health practices, we only specialize in the preparation of Psychological Immigration Evaluations (and supporting documentation), Mental Health Evaluations and providing Court Testimony to substantiate our work. Our services are often required by courts, attorneys and other government agencies for their conclusions and recommendations.

Immigration Mental Health Assesment


Experienced lawyers often rely on our professional, bilingual immigration evaluations to substantiate immigration cases, offering courts decisive support for court rulings.

immigration court expert testimony


Our mental health specialists are courtroom-ready to affirm assessments or serve as expert witnesses, reinforcing the integrity of forensic evaluations and findings for legal proceedings.

Immigration forensic evaluation

Mental Health

Mental Health Evaluations provide impartial insights on mental illness for legal, employment, or insurance purposes, determining trial competency in civil or criminal cases.

Comprehensive Immigration Evaluations

EG Behavioral staff have all completed the Immigration Evaluation Institute’s Comprehensive training, ensuring your evaluation will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. EG Behavioral is a family-owned business with two generations licensed in mental health who understand the importance of family and can address the challenges faced by the Latino immigrant population.

Our unique combination of professional training and lived experience are here to support you during your immigration journey.

Compremprehenisve Immigitration Institute Certified